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5 Benefits of camping when travelling

The number of people who prefer camping during the holidays is increasing. In particular, the camp holidays, which attracted the attention of the young population, are increasingly becoming a ‘family activity için for those who are interested in nature. Why choose camping in a tent instead of ‘all-inclusive’ holidays? Let’s see which of the 8 different answers will appeal to you.

1. No reservation stress

Mi Are we late to book this year? ”,“ Oh, we won’t be able to find a place! ”, Dik We’re just in season, this holiday will be very expensive, son no problem! There is usually enough space in the campsites for all of us. So much so that you can not find a place in the motel / hotel in the campsite of the holiday businesses are very likely to find a place for your tent. Make your holiday wherever you really want and spend a stress-free holiday.

2. The concept of ‘holiday season no longer exists for you

Whether it is holiday season or not, you can take your bags, tents and the food you need for a few days and take the distance you want. You will not easily give up when you see how this feeling of being able to escape at any moment alleviates you, let us warn you.

3.You will be away from artificial lights

And you will see the wonderful sky as clear as possible. Researches show that exposure to artificial lights after darkness plays an important role in the development of many chronic diseases, especially breast cancer. This mechanism is similar to melatonin production. Enjoy the lights of nature and the darkness.

4.You will reestablish the connection between your sleep patterns and nature

As the rhythm of life accelerates, especially in cities, sleep becomes a ‘problem’ in our lives. For millions of years, people were actually doing the healthiest when they were sleeping and waking up with the first light of the day shortly after dark. Research shows that people with daylight sleep patterns sleep better. The mechanism in our bodies has to do the timing, ensure the production of melatonin and maintain our daily inner rhythm. Camping will be a great step to help him.

5. You will build a ‘community’

In the researches, ‘community çıkıy is a very important component. Camping and spending time with friends, family or people you meet for a specific purpose will be very healthy for you in many ways. You will feel quite full of an important spiritual feeling.

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