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Mersin, Mersin formerly known, is a Mediterranean city located in the south of Turkey. Mersin, Turkey’s 11th-largest city in terms of population, has a metropolitan status. Anamur, Bozyazı, Aydıncık, Gülnar, Mut, Silifke, Erdemli, Mezitli, Taurus, Yenişehir, Mediterranean, Çamlıyayla and Tarsus districts. There are Adana in the east, Antalya in the west and Karaman, Nigde and Konya in the north. Mersin, a rapidly modernizing province in recent years, has a great power with its port which is also economically owned. Mersin Port, geographic location, capacity, large tractor fleet, not only by rail, Turkey has also become the most important trading port in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The history of Mersin dates back to 7000 BC. Yumuktepe, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, was founded by Neolithic farmers. It is possible to see the artifacts from the excavations carried out by archaeologists at Mersin Archeology Museum. Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans and Byzantines ruled the region. Seljuks for the first time in the 11th century, followed by the Karamanoğulları in the 14th century and the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century.

Mersin was invaded by the Entente States during the First World War. With the National Struggle, Mersin came under Turkish rule again on January 3, 1922 and was renamed Icel in 1933. With the law published in the Official Gazette in 2002, its name was again Mersin.

Mersin economy, 13.4% of Turkey’s total fresh fruit production, 72% of the total banana production, 40% of the total strawberry production, the country performing 70% of the total lemon production has a strong agricultural economy is among the cities . Mersin industry, along with the free zones and organized industrial zones established with the advantages of Mersin Port is located between the important and ambitious industrial city of Turkey. Together with the joint projects carried out by the organized industrial zones, Mersin University has pioneered the important technological developments of the city. In addition, the Mersin Technology Development Zone was established to increase the competitiveness of Mersin in the R & D activities carried out in cooperation with the university-industry in Mersin.

Mersin is a city of culture and tourism that is frequently visited with its beaches, bays and gulfs and historical and various religions on the Mediterranean coast which is 321 kilometers. Domestic and foreign tourists who want to do sea tourism, 108 kilometers of coastal beaches are preferred because of the fine sand and clean sea. The most important beaches of Mersin are Taşucu, Susanoğlu, Ören, Kızkalesi, Yemişkumu, Kapsız, Akkum, Kumkuyu and Anamur. History and archeology lovers can visit the city’s museums, Mamure Castle, Soli Pompeiopolis, Maiden’s Castle and Anamurium Ancient City. In addition, Eshab-ı Kehf, Paradise Hell, Alahan Monastery are among the most frequently visited places.

Mersin Places to Visit

Mersin is rich in terms of places to visit, museums and activities to attend. Mersin will show you the beauties, flavors and sun of the Mediterranean. Mersin landmarks can be divided into two as central and off-center. 2 days for the center and 2 days for off-center beauties is enough.

When to Visit Mersin

Mersin has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and humid, winters are warm and rainy. The average annual temperature is around 15-20oC. In summer the temperature is 30-35 oC and in August it is very high. The temperature, which is felt together with the humidity, is even higher. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Mersin. If you visit during the summer months, it is possible to sweat due to high humidity and it is recommended that you take plenty of clothes with you. If you match your visit dates with the festivals held in Mersin, you will witness the colorful culture of Mersin.

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