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Practical travel advice and tips

Take small items with you

If you are really a traveler, wherever you go, your goal should be limited to hand luggage. Do you need to buy 5 pairs of shoes, all kinds of clothes and irons when you travel? If you choose the right items in your hand luggage, you can take advantage of the many advantages of carrying a single bag. What are these? Fewer loads, less queues (luggage), fewer items to worry about and more memories to take with you on your return…

Leave the travel guide at home

Instead of taking the entire travel guide with you, choose to take photocopies of the sections you are interested in. You can get rid of the pages you take advantage of your work with you to throw away. Do not forget to recycle the finished pages into paper trash!

Are tours the only option?

If you’re looking for more than a guide to guide you on routine and boring tourist routes, you should plan your own trip. This may sound a little scary, but believe it, thanks to Skyscanner, it’s not that hard! Find the cheapest flights anywhere in the world and choose the best one with Skyscanner’s hotel search function for all your budget accommodation. Renting a car is the most comfortable option to get around wherever you go.

Get on your own

Traveling alone can be a bit sad and frightening, but it will be a great way to get to know yourself and meet new people. Remember, orsan If you really want to get to know your friend, take a vacation with him af is not a waste! Instead of a friend who is going to poison you with the holiday, he always wants to get what he wants, a new person who will join you and adapt to the road can make your trip much more enjoyable. Holiday alone is very useful for learning a new language, meeting different cultures and getting off some familiar routes. But of course you should be careful and know not to trust anyone who comes in front of you!

Choose vegetarian food on board

If you do not want to spoil your stomach, avoid fatty and heavy meals. If you have a choice, we recommend you to choose vegetarian dishes. It doesn’t bother your stomach and it is a more delicious and niche alternative since it is not preferred and made to less people. Moreover, you will have more space in your stomach for local tastes where you go.

Bring headphones with you

On long flights, you can be sure that noise canceling headphones will give you the money you pay up to the penny. It will be a great barrier for your crying baby, snoring man, endless adolescent chats, as well as your neighbour’s low-jaw neighbor.

Navigate with a local guide

If you are visiting museums or historical buildings, try using a local guide. You can rest assured that your guide will give you more detailed and interesting information than a brochure, by showing you places you won’t even notice.

Watch your conversations

Always be polite and watch what you talk about. For example, someone who you think doesn’t speak Turkish just because of the color of his skin may well understand you. Think like this; How you can speak English or German, a Japanese or Indian also speaks foreign languages. That’s why we need to be careful. You can’t guess who knows what language.

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