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English level 2 explained

English level 2 is slightly more difficult then basic English level 1. The list of lessons is below is below and a wide range of topics are covered in depth for you to start learning.

How do I choose a lesson?

All the English level 2 are listed below that are currently available. To choose a lesson click on the blue writing.Please get in touch and tell us if something is wrong with lessons or how we can improve them. We will make any alterations you suggest within 1 working week.

I don't see the subject I want to learn?

If you don't see a subject that you want to learn about then please get in touch and tell us what lesson you want adding to the website, we will add it to the website within 1 working week.

Title Creation Date
Continents of the world and facts learning English Aug 29, 2020
Letters and emails opening and closing phrases Jul 03, 2020
Prepositions English lesson learning and how to use them Jul 10, 2020
A – An – the learning English lesson May 31, 2020
A – An – the learning English lesson exercise Mar 18, 2020
Adding -ing onto words English lesson Jun 15, 2020
Apologies apologizing how to Apologize in English Jun 06, 2020
Asking and giving directions conversation English lesson Mar 07, 2020
Asking for and giving directions English lesson Mar 07, 2020
At the grocery or supermarket English lesson Apr 20, 2020
Basic greetings and introductions Oct 21, 2021
Bathroom learning items in a bathroom parts Jul 09, 2020
Bicycle parts Learning English vocabulary lesson Mar 23, 2020
Body parts list and definitions video Jul 31, 2020
Booking a taxi conversation at a hotel Mar 08, 2020
Capital letters English lesson Jul 11, 2020
Car parts vocabulary with pictures learning English Mar 10, 2020
Computer hardware parts English lesson Mar 01, 2020
Confirming your flight English lesson Jun 22, 2020
Conversation at the post office with 2 people Mar 09, 2020
Cooked or prepared food learning English learning basic English May 06, 2020
Cost - how much does it cost English lesson May 02, 2020
Countries & capital cities list Jul 13, 2020
Countries & nationalities list of nationalities in English Jul 13, 2020
Dairy products learning dairy food with pictures English lesson Mar 08, 2020
Days Dates learning English basics Jun 03, 2020
Days of the week in English Monday Tuesday Jun 05, 2020
Different cycles learning English lesson Mar 24, 2020
Different ways to cook food methods of cooking food Jul 09, 2020
Directions - Asking people - Learning English Aug 18, 2020
Dressing for a job interview English lesson Jul 18, 2020
Eating at restaurants and paying the bill learning English Mar 05, 2020
Email letters abbreviations explained learning English Jul 01, 2020
Email letters vocabulary list learning basic the words Jul 01, 2020
English 8 parts of speech with examples Jun 29, 2020
English body parts and talking about them English lesson Apr 24, 2020
English body Parts leg and head area talking about them Mar 17, 2020
English lesson learning what do you like to do? football sport Jun 20, 2020
Exercise - sport questions Basic English lesson Jul 04, 2020
Exercise Have Has Had auxiliary verbs learning basic English Mar 09, 2020
Expressing opinion and views vocabulary Mar 28, 2020
Expressing opinion English lesson May 01, 2020
Families / family members learning English family tree Jul 13, 2020
Families / family members learning English family tree part 2 Jun 06, 2020
Farewells in English goodbyes expressions Jul 31, 2020
Fast foods learning English ordering fast food Jun 05, 2020
First aid box and injuries learning English vocabulary with pictures Mar 24, 2020
Flags of the world in PDF to download for free Jul 13, 2020
Food adjectives for describing food A to Z list Mar 29, 2020
Food preparation and cooking learning English Apr 08, 2020
Getting your hotel room cleaned conversation with 2 people Mar 08, 2020
Getting your laundry washed in a hotel conversation 2 people Mar 08, 2020
Going to doctors conversation between 2 people Mar 07, 2020
Greeting a friend you not seen for a long time conversation Mar 06, 2020
Greeting someone learning English May 07, 2020
Greeting someone learning English basics Jun 12, 2020
Hair cut beauty and massages conversation learning English Apr 05, 2020
Have Has Had verbs learning basic English Apr 02, 2020
Health and family English lesson Apr 23, 2020
Health and talking about it learning English May 08, 2020
Hobby English lesson questions and answers about hobbies Apr 13, 2020
Holidays English lesson Jul 03, 2020
Horse parts and equipment learning English Apr 03, 2020
Houses and rooms English lesson Jul 06, 2020
How to use numbers in sentences learning English Jul 16, 2020
Human body vocabulary and anatomy vocabulary with pictures and list Mar 17, 2020
I am I'm in at on English basics words Apr 30, 2020
I have something + verb English basics lesson Jul 18, 2020
I will help you learning basic English Apr 10, 2020
Idioms human body English lesson Apr 29, 2020
Invitations - inviting people English lesson May 13, 2020
Its kind of you - verb learning basic English Aug 01, 2020
Jobs - work and occupations English lesson learning what you want to be Jul 03, 2020
Jobs and places of work learning English exercise Apr 14, 2020
Make up and Beauty learning English Apr 02, 2020
Making excuses yourself weather traffic health someone else Jun 06, 2020
Money - English lesson - paying for goods Jul 22, 2020
Months of the year English lesson learning January February March Jun 06, 2020
Numbers and counting English lesson Jun 04, 2020
Occupation - conversation - reading writing English lesson Mar 15, 2020
Occupations English lesson talking about occupations May 17, 2020
Ordering food and drink at a restaurant learning English Mar 28, 2020
Ordering food at a restaurant conversation between 3 people Mar 07, 2020
Parts of the human body parts learning English body parts words Apr 03, 2020
Please English lesson how to be polite Jun 19, 2020
Preparing food and cooking learning basic English Apr 29, 2020
Prepositions position and location vocabulary list Jul 09, 2020
Prepositions of place at in on English grammar Mar 24, 2020
Promise learning how to make and promises English lesson Jun 07, 2020
Quantity food - English - Learning Jun 26, 2020
Requesting a wake up call in a hotel conversation Mar 08, 2020
Saying sorry in English lesson Mar 01, 2020
Seafood vocabulary and conversation English lesson Apr 25, 2020
Secondary colours - colors English lesson Jun 22, 2020
Shopping for clothes English lesson Apr 17, 2020
Shopping learning English shopping phrases Jul 16, 2020
Stupid how to say stupid different learning English words Jun 07, 2020
Supermarket conversation between 2 friends Mar 08, 2020
Talking on the phone English lesson Jun 26, 2020
Talking present tense learning English Jul 30, 2020
Telephone for help after accident conversation 3 people Mar 07, 2020
Tell a doctor or nurse your problem English lesson Mar 15, 2020
Thank you learning English Aug 14, 2020
There, Their, and They're Usage help Sheet Apr 23, 2020
Time conversation between people Mar 05, 2020
To too two differences learn the correct way to use to too two Mar 15, 2020
Using the word off English basics lesson May 11, 2020
Vocabulary list for getting a job Jul 05, 2020
Ways of cooking food learning English basics Apr 22, 2020
Weather asking questions and types of weather English lesson Jun 10, 2020
Weather conversation between 2 people English lesson Mar 06, 2020
What to say when you don't understand learning English Mar 05, 2020

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