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Phrasal - Verbs English lesson learning about verbs and Phrasal

What will I learn from the lesson learning about verbs and Phrasal Verbs?

During this English lesson you will start learning what many different meanings verbs and phrasal verbs are. There are many  many different meanings for verbs , this  lesson will explain some of the differences.

What is a  phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a verb plus a preposition or adverb (For a more detailed explanation on verbs and adverbs click here).

Easy Pace Learning has a lesson on How to use prepositions to get a better understanding of what prepositions are.

The list below is broken down into  1, 2 and 3 

  1.  = The verb.

  2.  = Describes what the verb means.

  3.  = Shows an example of how you would use it in a sentence.

Examples of Verbs Phrasal verbs using clothes learning English

  1. To attire
  2. To get dressed in elegant clothes
  3. Mr and Mrs Bean were dressed in wedding attire.    
  1. To buckle
  2.  Fasten an item of clothing that requires a buckle.           
  3. I buckled up my shoes before leaving for the meeting. 
  1. To button
  2. To fasten any item of clothing that needs buttons.
  3. Mr Smith buttoned up his coat before leaving the house.              
  1. To clothe
  2. To dress yourself (can mean someone else)       
  3. Every day I clothe myself ready for going to work in the office.
  1. To dress
  2. Putting your clothes on yourself or this can be by someone else.
  3.  Putting on your jeans, would be example of when you dress yourself.           
  1. To get dressed
  2. Putting clothes on yourself, or on someone else.
  3. I got dressed in a plain brown dress ready to go shopping later.
  1. To fasten
  2. Some clothes need securing using zips, buttons or buckles.        
  3. Mrs Smith fastened her jacket so when she went outside she didn't get cold.     
  1. To get undressed
  2.  taking off your clothes or someone else.            
  3. You must get undressed, before getting into the shower.      
  1. To unfasten
  2. To undo or open an item of clothing.     
  3. He unfastened his tie as he wanted to relax now he had finished work.             
  1. To unzip
  2. To unfasten an item of clothing that as a zip.      
  3. Mrs Smith unzipped her jacket as she hot.          
  1. To wear
  2. To have an item of clothing on your body.          
  3. Mrs Bean told Mr Bean to wear is best suit for the job interview.               
  1. To zip
  2. To fasten an item of clothing that as zip.               
  3. Mr Bean coat had a lovely zip on is jacket.

The list below is broken down into  1, 2 and 3 

  1.  = The phrasal verb.

  2.  = Describes what the verb means.

  3.  = Shows an example of how you would use it in a sentence.

Examples of phrasal verbs

  1. Do up
  2. To fasten an item of clothing.    
  3. Mr Smith did his jacket up before he left the house.      
  1. Dress up
  2. Dress up in your best clothes or fancy dress up in a costume for a party or children's games.
  3. The children enjoyed dressing up in their mother's clothes.        
  1. Hang out
  2. To dry clothes outside after washing.    
  3. The weather was very sunny and windy, so she hung out the washing. 
  1. Hang up
  2. Hang something on a hook or maybe a hanger.
  3. Chloe was very tidy she hung her clothes up every night before going to sleep.
  1. Have on
  2. Wear an item of clothing.            
  3. Mr Bean had a football shirt on to go to the football match.        
  1. Kick off
  2. Remove your shoes quickly.      
  3. Mrs Bean was so tired she kicked his shoes off as soon as she got home.             
  1. Put on
  2. Dress yourself or someone else with an item or items of clothing.           
  3. He put on his best shoes before he went to work.              
  1. Slip on  
  2. Put on an item of clothing very easily.   
  3. She slipped on her flip flops before she went into the sea           
  1. Take off
  2. Remove an item of clothing.      
  3. Mrs Smith told Mr Bean to take off his shoes before he could come in the house.  
  1. Try on
  2. To put on an item of clothing to find out whether it fits or is suitable.     
  3. Mrs Bean told Mr Bean to try on the shoes before he buys them to make sure they fit.     
  1. Throw on
  2. Put on an item of clothing quickly.
  3. Mrs Smith was in such a hurry she just threw on a few clothes on before leaving the house.       
  1. Turn up
  2. Shorten some trousers, a dress or a skirt so that they fit better.               
  3. Mr Smith’s jeans were too long, so asked Mrs Smith to turn up the bottom of the jeans so they fitted.   
  1. Wrap up
  2. Put some warm clothes on.        
  3. Mr Smith’s mother told him to wrap up warm because it was so cold outside.

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